devices to buy for short-term rental
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Smart hosting starter pack: Tedee devices to buy for short-term rental

If you’d like your rental guests to check into accommodation with an automatically assigned PIN, it’s your shopping list.

Tedee smart lock

The hand holding the tedee smart lock mounted on the door

The heart of the Tedee collection merges the mechanism rotating your door lock with powerful, intelligent features.

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Installation hardware

tedee European modular cylinder tedee adapter

A smart lock is a fusion of cloud-based smart features and classic door hardware. To obtain full capabilities, Tedee needs a suitable and secure mount on the door lock.

You can choose from various compatible modular cylinders and handy, easy-to-install adapters.

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Tedee smart bridge

tedee smart bridge

It’s a soap-sized device plugged into an electric socket near the front door. It acts as a connection between the smart lock and your local Wi-Fi.

Connecting a smart lock to the internet allows control over the access from wherever you are.

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Tedee keypad

th small pressing keypad

A numeric keyboard connected to the smart lock (and bridge and the internet) lets your rental guests access the accommodation without any smartphone apps. It is enough to enter the PIN.

In addition – and the best part – you may automate assigning the PINs to every booking.

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Optional: channel manager subscription

guesty logo smoobu logo

It is a third-party, additionally paid service that connects all your rental listings to one central control system. It also enables the integration with the Tedee account, hence automatic PIN assignment and sharing.

This is also the way to add automatic PIN sharing to Airbnb listings.

Tedee smart hosting is compatible with Guesty and Smoobu channel managers.

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