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Your bridge to the world

Tedee Bridge lets you control your Tedee smart lock via the internet, no matter where you are.

Experience cutting-edge convenience and security, and step into the next era of home access. The Tedee smart bridge not only upgrades your comfort with added benefits but also transforms how you manage your property’s security, even when you’re far from home.

bridge lock

The power of connection

Elegantly compact, much like a bar of soap, the Tedee Bridge connects to your Tedee smart lock via Bluetooth and to your local Wi-Fi network.

It acts as a wireless bridge between your door and the internet, adding impressive remote features to your smart lock experience.

Certified for security by the independent AV-Test institute.

Unlocking the future

Enjoy all the extra benefits brought to you by Tedee Bridge.

Remote management

Unlock your door, share virtual keys, or welcome guests instantly – even away from home.


Your best smart lock ever

Receive instant notifications when anyone unlocks the door. Ensure your smart lock always works at its best with auto-updates – and more.


Easier everyday

Ask Alexa or Google Assistant to unlock or check the door. Set your lights and music to turn off when you leave.


Tedee Bridge works with

Tedee GO
Tedee PRO
Tedee Keypad

Is the smart bridge right for you?

Not everyone needs a Tedee Bridge, but it enhances convenience significantly. Compare the available benefits below and decide what’s best for you.

What you only get with a bridge
  • Control from wherever you are
  • Voice control via Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Integration with 15+ smart home systems
  • Access link sharing for app-free unlocking
  • Easy management via Tedee Portal
  • Push notifications
  • Bell button notifications from the Tedee Keypad
  • Automatic smart hosting and self-service check-ins
What works better with a bridge
  • Faster mobile widget-unlocking
  • More effective auto-unlocking
  • Up-to-date activity logs
  • More configuration features for Tedee PRO, when used with Apple Home
  • Instant access sharing
  • Remotely available real-time device status
  • Automatic free updates
What works the same
with or without it
  • Bluetooth-unlocking
  • Tedee Keypad PIN-unlocking
  • User level management

Make the most of your smart lock. For less!

Shop smartly. Choose the perfect set of devices to meet your needs and save up to 10%


Live your best life

Use your door as a magic button. Turn everything off automatically when leaving home and come back to cosy lights and soothing jazz. With Tedee Bridge, connected smart devices in your home work beautifully together, whether you’re in or out.

Is the door locked? Just ask Alexa or Google Assistant. And yes, it’s compatible with your favourite smart home systems!

If you wish to use a smart lock with the Apple Home and Siri, you can add the Tedee PRO to your iOS Home app – no smart bridge needed!

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+ over 15 smart home systems

Door-to-door control

Managing multiple smart locks at your business? The Tedee Bridge enables access management without a tech headache.

Control all your Tedee devices from a single convenient dashboard: the Tedee Portal, accessible via any internet browser. Set up dozens of smart locks and manage hundreds of users in just a few clicks.

Where should you place it?

Install the bridge within your smart lock’s Bluetooth range.

For best performance, place it up to 2m away.

bridge lock router
Ensure it’s in the range of your local Wi-Fi.

Power it directly via an electrical socket or with a micro USB cable.


Feels at home, wherever you are

Available in four plug type variations. Select yours when ordering.


Type C / E / F



Type A



Type G



Type I


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a black version of the bridge?

Unfortunately, there is not at the moment.

Can I add the Tedee Bridge later?

Sure! You can purchase it separately and install it in minutes.

Does it work with the BleBox smart relay module?

No, it doesn’t. The BleBox smart relay module connects directly to Wi-Fi.

How does it work with the Tedee Keypad?

The bridge enhances your Tedee Keypad by allowing auto-updates and checking current battery levels.

Can I use one bridge for multiple doors?

Yes, you can. It’s perfect for areas like hallways where multiple Tedee smart locks are installed nearby.

How many smart locks can connect to one smart bridge?

While there’s no set limit to the number of smart locks per bridge, ensure they are all within its Bluetooth range.

Can I use Tedee Bridge for other brands’ smart locks? Can Tedee smart locks connect with other brands’ bridges?

The Tedee Bridge exclusively pairs with Tedee smart locks and the Tedee Keypad, and vice versa.

What if the internet is down?

In essence, your setup operates as if the bridge isn’t there. The smart lock can be controlled via Bluetooth only and the access is shared via the Tedee app or PIN. Remote control, real-time activity logs, and smart integrations are unavailable.

Does Tedee Bridge provide an internet connection?

No, it doesn’t. It simply bridges the communication between your Tedee devices and the Wi-Fi network. You must supply the wireless router and internet service separately.