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Tedee PRO: The Best Smart Lock for Pivot Doors

Smart locks on pivot doors present a unique challenge due to their specialized construction and requirements. Tedee PRO emerges as the seamless solution and the ideal pivot door smart lock, offering a powerful mechanism, effortless installation, and an elegant design tailored for these distinctive setups. This article explores why Tedee PRO is the ideal smart lock for your pivot door project, blending functionality with aesthetics.

Smart locks for pivot doors are a relatively new concept. The distinctive construction and properties of such mechanisms have traditionally been considered incompatible with typical smart locks available on the market. However, Tedee PRO, with its powerful mechanism, efficient installation method, and beautiful design, successfully meets the requirements and expectations, making it the perfect match for even the grandest designs.

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Why Pivot Doors Are a Challenge for Smart Locks – And Why Tedee PRO Is the Answer?

Learn the challenges of putting a smart lock on pivot doors and our unique solutions.


Smart Lock for Large-Scale Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are particularly beneficial when the required door wing size is significantly larger than the norm, usually with a height of at least 3.5m. With such large dimensions, the pivot mechanism allows smoother operation than traditional hinges.

Pivot doors are much thicker than standard door wings, making them less compatible with some popular installation methods, such as those for smart handles. To accommodate this need, Tedee PRO can be installed on dedicated modular cylinders, which have adjustable lengths, or may be mounted on existing cylinders of most brands, after minor alterations using our locksmith accessories.

Usually, pivot doors are secured with multipoint door locks, controlled by a single European cylinder. This means that a single cylinder rotates to engage or disengage multiple bolts, securing the door wing to the doorframe at three or more points. This can be challenging for smart locks – small electronic devices with a built-in battery that must power the locking and unlocking operations of a much larger mechanism than a typical front door lock.



Tedee PRO perfectly meets this need, as its motor is characterized by a 2 Nm torque. This measure of force indicates how powerful the Tedee PRO is, the highest on the retrofit smart lock market. Tedee PRO operates smoothly and quickly even on extensive locking mechanisms, making it the best – and sometimes the only – choice for pivot doors. It is widely used on 12-point door locks with great success.

Additionally, Tedee PRO features a pull-spring function, which acts as if by “pressing the handle” electronically, at the end of unlocking operations. The powerful motor allows Tedee PRO to engage even the pull-spring on multipoint locks of pivot doors, enabling the user to simply push or pull the door wing – without manually pressing the handle.

To power those tough, physical operations, Tedee PRO has a donut-shaped, built-in rechargeable LiPo accumulator with 3000 mAh capacity. While the smart lock’s battery life is dependent on intensity of use and door hardware, on traditional door wings it may work for up to 6-10 months on a single charge.


PRO assembled


Enhancing Pivot Doors with Aesthetic and Secure Smart Lock Solutions

As pivot doors are typically custom-made according to existing architecture, they are usually handcrafted from high-class materials, providing a luxurious design effect and suiting the most impressive architectural designs. Some smart lock solutions on the market can negatively impact such premium doors by being visible on both sides.

From the outside, Tedee PRO is invisible, not just keeping the aesthetic value to your home’s exterior, but also adding security, as the smart lock cannot be manually interfered with from outside.


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When compared on the inside, Tedee PRO is the smallest smart lock on the market, made from high-quality aluminum and resembling a typical doorknob, no larger than a lime. With a compact, smooth body made from polished aluminum, Tedee PRO matches the most premium interior designs and styles, bringing its powerful mechanics and everyday benefits in a discrete and elegant form.

Available in silver and black, as well as special order soft gold and stainless steel finish shades, Tedee PRO can match most door hardware accessories for a coherent design effect.


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Silver / White

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Graphite / Black


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Stainless Steel

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Extra Step: Building Tedee PRO into the Aluminium Door for Maximum Refinement

Meeting the highest expectations of customers seeking custom-made solutions, the Tedee design team has developed a new installation system for Tedee PRO smart locks on aluminium door leaves. It is a seamless, premium-class solution for made-to-order, thick doors – including those with pivot hinges.


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When using a dedicated cylinder mechanism, the Tedee PRO smart lock can be embedded inside a door leaf, further enhancing the streamlined aesthetic effect and further minimalizing the design impact, while providing powerful lifestyle benefits.

Contact [email protected] to learn more about embedded smart lock installation and to order the accessory kit.


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How Tedee PRO makes pivot doors smart – all around the world

In Europe, Tedee PRO has been recognized by customers as a premier choice for smart locks on pivot doors, catering to the continent’s high standards for both security and design elegance. The product’s adaptability and robust mechanics make it a favored option among architects and homeowners alike, who seek to blend modern technology with the aesthetic demands of European architecture. The integration of Tedee PRO into custom-made pivot doors across various European countries showcases its ability to enhance the functionality of these doors without compromising their sophisticated appearance. Its success in Europe is a testament to its quality and the value it adds to any entrance.


β€œWhat we are bringing is a novelty, but it already comes with a tradition in Europe – as a leader in this type of lock, which is to be incorporated into our Infinite line products. That will further add to the quality that already exists in all the performance with safety and tradition of our business.”

Antonio Duarte Ramos, Infinite Founder
on using Tedee PRO in his company’s pivot doors


In Latin America, the adoption of Tedee PRO smart locks on pivot doors is gaining momentum, driven by a growing appreciation for smart home technology and innovative architectural solutions. The unique climate and architectural styles of the region require durable and versatile products like Tedee PRO, which can withstand diverse environmental conditions while offering seamless operation. Its use in Latin American homes and commercial spaces highlights the lock’s universal appeal and capability to meet the specific needs of pivot doors, bringing a touch of elegance and modern convenience to traditional and contemporary structures alike.



The widespread use of Tedee PRO in both Europe and Latin America underlines its global appeal and versatility. It not only satisfies the technical and aesthetic requirements of pivot doors but also reflects a shift towards smarter, more secure entry solutions. The positive reception and growing demand in these regions underscore Tedee PRO’s role in redefining entrance technology, making it a pivotal component in the future of door security and design innovation on a global scale.