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Universal Solution: A Smart Lock for Every Door – Insights from Tedee’s Andrzej Kaszycki

Explore the cutting-edge advancements of Tedee smart locks with the company’s CTO, Andrzej Kaszycki. Established with a mission to transform global door security, Tedee provides state-of-the-art solutions that seamlessly blend enhanced security features with a sleek design.


Andrzej, Tedee’s mission is quite ambitious: aiming to install your locks on every door globally. Can you realistically achieve this?

Andrzej Kaszycki (AK): Yes, our goal is feasible. We have developed two key products to cater to diverse markets: the high-end Tedee PRO and the more economical Tedee GO. Both models are designed for superior performance and aesthetic appeal. However, our mission extends beyond the locks themselves; it includes integration with smart home systems and property management platforms, meeting special operational needs like keypads or access link entry. We’ve crafted all necessary accessories and continuously expand our system integrations. We are compatible with 15+ smart home systems and a range of channel management platforms. For a hands-free experience, you can control Tedee PRO with voice assistants such as Siri, and both tedee models with Hey Google or Amazon Alexa on compatible devices or run Apple Shortcuts with Siri. You can operate Tedee not only with a smartphone but also with a smartwatch.

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That’s fascinating. Moving from the broad objectives to the specifics, can Tedee locks be installed on any door, regardless of location?

AK: Absolutely. Our product versatility covers a range of door types and geographic markets. We produce cylinders and adapters, making our products adaptable almost anywhere—from continents such as Australia and both Americas to all European countries. For garage or communal entryways, we’ve integrated with the BleBox module, which facilitates access via intercoms; however, the real measure is whether it not only fits but also functions optimally on every door.

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Speaking of functionality, are your locks capable of effectively opening every type of door?

AK: Indeed, the Tedee PRO exemplifies versatility. Its compact design belies a powerful torque of 2.0 Nm, capable of handling doors that are heavy or have complex, multi-point locking systems. This greater rotational force is crucial for doors prone to alignment or weather-related issues, ensuring reliable performance under varied conditions. At Tedee, we are not just familiar with locks; we are experts. We can enhance almost any lock system to make the dream of a smart lock a reality for anyone interested. Additionally, the Tedee PRO’s discreet design allows for seamless integration, rendering it nearly invisible and transforming standard doors into smart doors.

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How does Tedee adapt its products to meet the specific needs of different international markets?

AK: Each market has its unique challenges and door configurations. For example, in Poland, most doors have handles on both sides, simplifying access requirements. In contrast, German doors, often equipped with a pull handle or knob, require immediate latch retraction to open the door. We tailor our products to meet these regional demands, ensuring each customer receives a lock that suits their specific needs.

With the competition also offering smart locks, how does Tedee stand out?

AK: Tedee locks distinguish themselves as the smallest and quietest on the market, yet they do not compromise on power. We prioritize design aesthetics, ensuring our locks complement any décor without the cumbersome appearance typical of many smart locks. With Tedee PRO we won iF DESIGN AWARD in 2021. We are also committed to offering personalized options, such as gold and silver Tedee PRO locks adorned with Swarovski crystals and special editions painted for charity auctions, like Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

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Lastly, how does Tedee maintain customer satisfaction against fierce competition?

AK: Our approach is hands-on, and deeply customer focused. I personally connect with our support team to directly address user feedback and adapt our offerings accordingly. This personal touch, combined with our commitment to innovation and quality, ensures that we provide a tailored experience that truly enhances daily living and sets us apart in the market.

Thank you, Andrzej, for providing such detailed insights into Tedee’s mission to secure every door globally.

AK: Thank you—it’s always a pleasure to share how Tedee is making universal access safe and stylish for everyone, everywhere.


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Andrzej Kaszycki, CTO of Tedee