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Tedee keypad: installation

Before you install your Tedee keypad outside your door, make sure to activate the included batteries and check if the device is able to turn on.


Battery installation

Remove the screw mounting the rear cover using a Customized Torx key.

Remove the rear cover of tedee keypad.

Remove the insulation tape from the bottom of batteries.

Check the light signal and the buzzer.

Close the keypad by placing the rear cover back and fix the keypad housing with the screw using a Customized Torx key.

Tedee keypad can be installed with screws or adhesive tape. Choose your method below.


Installation with screws


Press the back cover of the keypad against the wall. Use a pencil to mark the places for the wall plugs. Drill two holes in the marked places.IiInsert the wall plugs into the holes and place the back cover to the wall. Fix the back cover on the wall with the mounting screws from set using a Phillips screwdriver.

Hang the keypad on the back cover.

Fix the keypad housing with a screw using customized TORX key.

Installation with adhesive tape

Remove the protective layer from the adhesive tape to get the sticky side ready.

Install tedee keypad by sticking it to the surface in the desired location (doorframe, wall, etc.).

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