tedee smart lock settings
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Smart lock settings: what are my options?

Effective configuration of your smart lock lets the smart technology work according to your needs. See the overview of options available in the smart lock’s settings.

How to access a smart lock’s settings

Step 1

Choose the smart lock you want to configure from your devices list

Step 2

Press the gear icon at the bottom of the screen

my devices screen tedee app settings icon

The setting screen contains the list of the following options. Read their descriptions below. Click on the available links to access in-depth guides and tutorials on particular features.

name The internal name of a device is used in the Tedee app only. To control Tedee smart lock with a voice assistant, choose its name in the respective assistant’s app.


connection How are you accessing the smart lock right now? Over the internet via the smart bridge, locally via Bluetooth, or is it disconnected?


battery level Current status of the accumulator. Amongst other places, you’ll see a reminder to charge it here.



MicrosoftTeams image 142 scaled e1675681807547 Click on the firmware version number lets you know whether you have the latest version and what it changes. If you need, you can launch the update manually.


auto lock Should your Tedee lock automatically? Here you can control the automation and adjust how long after unlocking it starts.


auto unlock If enabled, you adjust the IN and OUT ranges and smart lock location here. There are additional advanced settings available, too.



pull spring The extra step of unlocking works as if you press the handle. Should the smart lock make your door swing off the doorframe?



lock button The button on a smart lock’s face allows multiple ways to control it. Choose which are available and tailor them to your needs.



calibration You can always get back to the initial operation of adjusting the smart lock rotation range. This feature lets the smart lock learn how much it should rotate to un/lock.



homekit Launch the operation of adding Tedee smart lock to the Home app on iOS devices.



MicrosoftTeams image 143 scaled e1675681907600 Would you like to get a push notification every time your Tedee smart lock is unlocked? Enable this feature here.

If you wish, you can also enable a “lock left unlocked” alert – when you leave your place without locking the door. It may be useful if you do not wish to use automatic unlocking at all times.

keypad Access the control screen of a Tedee keypad paired with your lock.



MicrosoftTeams image 144 scaled e1675682019852 This switch brings a device to the top of your “My devices” menu.


time zone Choose a timezone where the smart lock is to ensure a synchronized view of activity logs if accessed from abroad.


notifications Control the push alerts that Tedee sends to your smartphone.



information The device’s ID and serial number are available to preview here.


device logs A diagnostic tool allows Tedee support to determine the cause of operation errors. You won’t need this feature unless you’re asked to use it.



MicrosoftTeams image 144 1 scaled e1675682157889 In case of problems connecting the smart lock to unlock it, here you will find tools to connect via Bluetooth only or try to force the unlocking operation, ignoring the calibration state.


MicrosoftTeams image 144 2 scaled e1675682113985 Removing the lock from your account would result in completely erasing its settings and access authorization. To add it back to your account, you would either have to pair it with the app again or be shared access by its owner or administrator.