Tedee GO (Silver/White)

Tedee GO (Silver/White)


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Mount a Tedee GO smart lock on your door in minutes, install lock over your existing European cylinder, effortlessly placing it onto your key, and securing it with just three screws. 

Revolutionize your home access with keyless entry: unlock your door lock using just your smartphone or smart home and enjoy automated locking and unlocking. Share “virtual keys” via the Tedee app, allowing your family or employees to enter with their smartphones too. 

Pair your smart lock with the Tedee Bridge for real-time activity logs, remote control from wherever you are, and connection to compatible smart home systems: Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Homey, FIBARO, Loxone, and many more. 

Lock requires your existing European cylinder to have an emergency function: with keys inserted simultaneously on both sides of the cylinder, rotating one key must cause the other to rotate simultaneously.  Future is now! 

Compatible with cylinders that fit Tedee PRO, as well as with deadbolt and oval mortise adapters when used in conjunction with the Tedee GO bar adapter. 

Check this Tedee GO smart lockt in black here.


Keep your door lock

You will install your Tedee GO in minutes, on top of your current cylinder – without hardware replacements. You don’t even need to ask your landlord for permission.

Save your keys

Tedee GO is a key-turner, so you don’t replace your key – your smart lock simply one, inside your place. From the outside, you can always unlock the door with a key, too.

What you need to know

Easy installation of Tedee GO is available for European lock cylinders only. With other door lock types, an adapter may be needed. Contact us to learn more

Virtual keys

Share your home with family and friends. Enable easy access with virtual keys in the Tedee app, controlling who enters and when.

Your personal doorman

Relax with our easy features –set your Tedee GO to lock itself automatically as you leave or return to your home. Enjoy the pleasure of returning home to an open door.

Your smart deal

Experience the full smart lock benefits for an affordable price. Enter your keyless life with the convenience of Tedee GO.

Install tedee GO

Step-by-step video tutorial.
ca. 196g
Ø 57mm x 63mm
Operating temperature
10-40°C(indoor only)
Operating humidity
max. 65%
1.6 Nm
Made in
Poland, EU
Power supply
3x CR123/CR123A battery
Battery life
Up to 6-8 months
TLS 1.3
Can be paired with
Tedee bridgeTedee keypad
Can beinstalled on
Euro-profile cylinders, equipped with double-clutch (emergency) feature