Tedee Dry Contact

Tedee Dry Contact


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Control your Tedee smart lock using wired electronic methods. Utilize Tedee Dry Contact to integrate Tedee GO and Tedee PRO with switches, alarms, wired legacy systems, and local smart home integrations— including KNX.

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This matchbox-sized unit can be wired into any compatible dry contact setup. Operating based on controller device outputs, Tedee Dry Contact facilitates locking and unlocking of Tedee GO or Tedee PRO via Bluetooth—without requiring a Tedee Bridge, internet connection, or API/SDK integration. Each device controls only one Tedee smart lock.

Tedee Dry Contact is intended for professional installation to ensure safety and compliance with electrical safety and compliance standards. Ensure the device is permanently installed, wired to the controller, and powered within the smart lock’s Bluetooth range. Test the target location by unlocking a smart lock with the Tedee smartphone app via Bluetooth at the intended place.

Tedee Dry Contact operates with a power input of 5-60V DC voltage, ensuring compatibility with various power sources from power banks to permanent electrical connections.

Note: Never directly connect Tedee Dry Contact to the power outlet or the 230V/110V power supply.

Controlling a Tedee smart lock via Tedee Dry Contact replaces the typical Tedee cloud security system and digital authentication with an alternative, wired access method. Tedee is not responsible for the physical security of your installation or the protection of your devices against unauthorized access.

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44.5 x 57.5 x 16 mm
Supply voltage
5-60V DC
Number of inputs
Input type
Normally Open
Number of outputs
Output type
Normally Open
Body material
Bluetooth communication
BLE 5.2, 2.4GHz
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
Compatible with Tedee devices
Tedee PRO, Tedee GO, Tedee Bridge
Box dimensions
130 x 70 x 23 mm
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