How does tedee work?

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Why tedee?


Control your door lock with a smartphone... from wherever you are. Expecting visitors? Share access to the lock or unlock the door remotely. Hands full of shopping bags after a shopping spree? The lock will let you in... hands free!


You don't have to buy and replace any batteries! Thanks to the lock’s ultra-low energy consumption and a powerful rechargeable battery you can operate your lock for months... then recharge it overnight.


Enjoy the sleek eye-catching design that suits any apartment and office entryway. It's small, smart and powerful.

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tedee set

tedee set

The complete tedee product package contains the smart locking mechanism, a certified Gerda lock cylinder for your existing lock, the Wi-Fi-enabled remote bridge and required accessories. You will also need to download the tedee App.

  • Smart Lock
  • Cylinder
  • Bridge
  • Accessories

Easy installation

Installation of tedee lock is fast and easy.
See how to do it.


Step 1

Replace the cylinder

Step 2

Install the lock

Step 3

Plug in tedee bridge and connect to Wi-Fi

Step 4

Install tedee mobile app

Will tedee lock fit your door?


How to replace the cylinder?


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