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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a bridge?

    The bridge is a small devicinstalled up to 2m away from your door. Iconnects to your smart lock via Bluetooth and to the internet through homWi-Fi

    Using a bridge ihow you get all of the smart lock benefits - but it's not required. Read more on our smart lock blog. 

  • How to choose the right hardware for my door?

    First, you need to identify your door's lock type. Then you need to decide if you're getting a new Euro-profile cylinder or using an adapter for European, Nordic, or Swiss lock. You can find all hardware information and step-by-step instructions here.

    When mounting a tedee smart lock on a European lock, check the comparison of a cylinder and adapter installation in this article. If you decide to get a new cylinder, this blog post guides you how to choose one from five of our variants.

  • Does tedee work with my smart home system?

    Iicompatible with ten popular standards on the market: from Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa through Homey to Fibaro, Consolomio, Ampio, Jeedom, Grenton, and eeDomus.

    Read more about smart home integrations on our blog. 

  • What if my phone battery runs out?

    You can still open with a standard key. Also, you can log in to the tedee app and unlock the door with any other device. Maybe ask a neighbour to use their phone? 

    If you have any more doubts about using a smart lock, you can find most of the answers in a blog post: Top 10 Smart Lock Doubts, explained.

  • Is a smart lock safe?

    tedee is an AV-certified secure smart home device. Mechanically, a smart lock does not affect hardware security in any way.

    Yours - and only yours - digital access is ensured with multiple technologies. All communication is encrypted with a multi-level mechanismcloud access is authenticated with asymmetric keys.

    At the same time, Bluetooth connection uses a secure protocol. 

    For more information on smart lock security, see our blog post.