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How does Tedee smart lock work with Control4?

When used in Control4 smart home system, Tedee smart locks become regular pieces of a setup, controlled via a central interface, and connect to your other security solutions. Learn more about offered operations here – to use it on their own or integrated with smart home automation.

Get the Control4 driver for Tedee here >>

Tedee and Control4 use bi-directional IP-based communication and feedback, which virtually means they connect via the internet. This requires using an internet-connected Tedee smart bridge paired with your locks and an internet connection supplied to your smart home controller device.

To always keep an eye on your door lock’s current status, Control4 will display such messages as Locked, Semi-Locked and Unlocked. You also get the information in case of errors: when it’s Uncalibrated, its status is Unknown – so some connectivity issues may be present.

You may also check the smart lock’s battery level in the smart home settings.

Of course, as a basic door lock driver, you may use Control4 for such commands as locking and unlocking. With the latter, you can unlock it with or without the automatic pull spring feature and pull the spring on a door that’s already unlocked.

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You may also carry out forced unlocking, which is useful in some situations or jams. It causes the maximum rotation towards the unlocked direction – maximally hiding the door lock bolts and pulling the spring.

Control4 as well informs you about currently ongoing operations. During an action, you will see such statuses as Locking, Unlocking, Pulling (the spring), or Calibrating.

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