Tedee PRO Cylinder Full Bundle (Black)

Tedee PRO Cylinder Full Bundle (Black)


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Enter with pleasure. Relish in the luxury of the highest quality materials and awarded design. Enjoy the most superior smart lock of its type on the market. Sleek, quiet, and with a unique look. This bundle includes Tedee PRO smart lock, Tedee Bridge, and Tedee Keypad, unlocking the fullest of your keyless life.  

Unlock your door using just your smartphone, enjoy automated locking and unlocking, and share “virtual keys” via the Tedee app. Use Tedee Keypad with just a PIN – no app or smartphone required! Connect your devices to Wi-Fi to receive instant notifications and welcome visitors – even when you’re away from home. Control your door with voice commands by asking Alexa and Google Assistant on compatible devices or add it to more than 15 smart home systems. Works with Apple Home and supports voice control via Siri on compatible devices. 

Tedee Keypad is installed with an adhesive pad or screws (included). Suitable for outdoor use. Position it up to 2m away from your Tedee PRO and Tedee Bridge for optimal performance. 

The Tedee Bridge connects to Tedee PRO and Tedee Keypad via Bluetooth and links them to your local Wi-Fi network. For optimal performance, position it within 2 meters of your Tedee devices. Choose a Tedee Bridge product version compatible with your local plug type: European, American, British, or Australian. 

This bundle includes a compatible modular cylinder. After purchase, you can provide photos of your door for the Tedee support team to select a cylinder for you, or choose from five cylinder models: 

Cam cylinders
GERDA SLR 30-61mm / 30mm (A)
GERDA SLR 30-61mm / 37-68mm (C) 

M&C SKG*** 

Gear cylinders
GERDA SLR 30-61mm / 30mm (B)
GERDA SLR 30-61mm / 37-68mm (D) 

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Don’t look for keys anymore

Unlock the door with an app.

Come home to an open door

It unlocks when you get back into Bluetooth range.

Never worry if you locked

It locks automatically. Press it to open. Leave the houseForget!

Share the access

Let others enter your home: permanently, periodically, or just once.

Keep the history

See who and when used the lock.

Keep your door lock

You will install your Tedee GO in minutes, on top of your current cylinder – without hardware replacements. You don’t even need to ask your landlord for permission.

Remove the cylinder

Measure the cylinder

Assemble GERDA modular cylinder

Install the cylinder

Install the bar

  • After installing the cylinder in your door unpack Tedee Bar from the packaging.
  • Slide the Tedee Bar into the slot (gap) in the center of the cylinder until it is completely connected.
  • Continue with the installation of Tedee GO (Step 2).
  • Install Tedee GO

    Tedee PRO weight
    approx. 196g
    Tedee PRO dimensions
    Ø 45mm x 55mm
    Tedee PRO operating temperature
    10-40°C (indoor only)
    Tedee PRO operating humidity
    max. 65%
    Tedee PRO torque
    2.0 Nm
    Tedee PRO country of origin
    Poland, EU
    Tedee PRO power supply
    Micro USB (cable with magnetic plug included)
    Tedee PRO battery life
    Up to 6-10 months
    Tedee PRO security
    TLS 1.3
    Tedee Bridge dimensions
    64.5 x 63.5 x 28 mm
    European power adapter dimensions
    38 x 25 x 90 mm
    Tedee Bridge operating temperature
    10-40°C (indoor use only)
    Tedee Bridge operating humidity
    max. 65%
    Tedee Bridge power supply
    5V = 300mA
    Tedee Bridge Wi-Fi communication
    2.4 GHz
    Tedee Bridge Bluetooth communication
    BLE 5.0 2.4GHz
    Tedee Bridge security
    TLS 1.3
    Tedee Keypad weight
    120 g (without batteries), approx. 155 g (with batteries)
    Tedee Keypad dimensions
    48mm x 135mm x 28mm
    Tedee Keypad power supply
    3x AAA batteries
    Tedee Keypad Bluetooth communication
    Bluetooth BLE 5.0 2.4 GHz
    Tedee Keypad IP protection class
    Box contents
    Tedee PRO smart lock Allen key Micro USB cable with magnetic adapter Tedee Bridge Power adapter Tedee Keypad 3 x AAA batteries 2 x Mounting screws 2 x Wall plugs Torx key Modular cylinder with accessories Documentation
    Tedee GO Download (PDF)
    Tedee Bridge Download (PDF)