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– a solution designed for everyone! Keyless entry, remote management, and complete security – all in one compact device.

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Keyless life is even more accessible

Last year, we partnered with the Association for the Care of the Visually Impaired in Laski, Poland, and the Tono Praca Association, which is dedicated to integrating individuals with visual impairments into the workplace using modern assistive technologies.

Our collaboration aimed to test and enhance the Tedee app features and extend the benefits of keyless living to the audience using screen reading technologies.

In effect, all everyday features of Tedee smart locks can be enjoyed using just the Tedee app and native VoiceOver and TalkBack tools on modern smartphones.


Discover the groundbreaking benefits of using a smart lock

The Tedee Smart Lock is a door security device that gives a sense of security, independence and convenience, which is especially important for people with visual impairments and disabilities. Simple to use, the app will provide peace of mind and build trust. Check our main functionalities:

Automatic unlocking
Imagine returning home to find that your door lock automatically unlocks as you approach – no need for door keys or mobile apps.

The activity logs
Keep a digital history of your door and be informed about who, when, and how your place was accessed.

Integration with Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa
Wondering if you locked the door? Just ask the voice assistant on your smartphone.


How does a smart lock work?

Tedee smart locks are lemon-sized wireless electronic devices, attached to the door lock on the interior side of a door. They electronically rotate the locking mechanism on a door, as controlled via a smartphone app.

This device is not visible from the outside of the property. Traditional keys can still be used to unlock the door from the outside. When leaving your place, a lock can be unlocked by pressing a big button or manual rotation of a whole device.

Tedee smart locks are powered with replaceable or rechargeable batteries that usually work at least 6 months without maintenance.