Send your keys on neverending vacation


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Your past

Never-ending scheduling of welcome meetings

Beware of traffic jams and delayed flights

Lost, stolen, or forgotten keys

Resulting in duplicate keys or lock changes – at your expense

Lack of premise control

Did they leave? How long was the cleaning?

Your future

Flexible self-check-ins

Guests arrive at their convenience

No keys. No problem

Nothing to lose anymore

Transparent business view

Real-time logs of door access

Your now

Take your vacation rental business to the next level with Tedee smart lock. It’s an electronic keyturner controlled via smartphone or PIN. Installed inside your property and invisible from the outside. You can always use a traditional key – but your visitors won’t need to.


of travelers would like to see contactless check-in and check-out permanently adopted



of guests would choose an apartment because of a smart lock



of them would pay 20% more


Your new ways to welcome

Choose your check-in method and revolutionize rental with keyless convenience and precise control


Unlock with an access link without a mobile app

Simple to share and use: no apps, accounts, or logins necessary. Just send your guests an access link, valid only during their stay.

Swipe to unlock
Single virtual key for full access

Unlock with a PIN

Guests check in with temporary PINs, generated for each booking.

No devices
No apps

Unlock with the Tedee app

Perfect for small-scale rental businesses. Manage access via the Tedee app or Tedee Portal.

Quick to launch
Easy to use

Start your smart hosting now

Choose access methods to welcome your guests with, and Tedee devices to match.

Link or app

Tedee GO + smart bridge

Launch smart hosting with the effortless installation and easy check-ins.


Link or app

Black Tedee GO + smart bridge

Dark side of the hotel room? Match your smart lock to your property’s moody interior.


Link, PIN, or app

Tedee GO + smart bridge + keypad

Welcome the full comfort of all check-in methods and automatic booking management.


For the best hosting experience, we recommend pairing your smart lock with a Tedee smart bridge. It enables Wi-Fi connection, unlocking your door via access links, as well as Tedee Portal control. Without it, you can still share access and offer check-ins with the Tedee app.


★★★★★ standard

For high-end accommodations and luxurious interiors, check our best-in-class premium Tedee PRO smart lock.

Your door to growth

Intelligently manage all your properties and bookings in one place – regardless of your location. With the Tedee Portal, advanced smart hosting features are free on web browsers. When you’re ready to expand your business, a few clicks ensure access management keeps pace.

Save time, reduce workload, and cut costs of running your rental
Grow your business effortlessly with multiple properties
Boost guest satisfaction, max out your ratings – and adjust your rates

You deserve vacation, too. Automate your rental management

Integrate your smart lock with Airbnb,, Agoda, and more. Let technology handle the rest – like a virtual reception desk. Gain more time to relax or grow your business. Your rental access is taken care of by the channel management platform and Tedee smart hosting devices.


The host links the booking listings with the channel management platform and Tedee system.


Guests book accommodation on any integrated reservation platform.


Unique access PIN is automatically generated and shared before the visitor arrives.


Visitors self-check-in and use the PIN throughout their stay, like a traditional key.


Access PIN expires after check-out time and can no longer be used.


Each new booking receives a new temporary PIN.

Choose your compatible channel management platform

Additional third-party subscription costs apply. Payment plans, conditions, and features vary between providers.

Keyless from street to bed

A keyless apartment isn’t enough if your visitor needs a key for the building’s entrance or a garage remote. Enter the Tedee-compatible BleBox smart relay module. It’s a small add-on to shared relay mechanisms – commonly used in shared entrances, parking barriers etc. Allow unlocking of main doors, garages, and more, with the Tedee app or Tedee access links, with ease. This device makes them smart, too.


What’s your property type?

Any accommodation is better off keyless

Single rooms

Drop the routine of extra keys when subletting rooms or running student lodgings. Grant and revoke your tenants’ access with a click in the app.


Vacation apartment

Set up once – and throw the key away! All your bookings can be handled automatically, giving you time to relax.


Multiple properties

Acquire high-tech tools for your professional rental business. Manage aparthotels, condominiums or scattered properties on a single online platform.


Your new business tools

Bring keyless check-ins right to your door

img smartlock blakc 1

Make your door smart

Tedee PRO or Tedee GO

Revolutionize your rental and eliminate key hassles. Tedee PRO and Tedee GO smart locks securely unlock your door digitally.

Additional hardware may be required, depending on your smart lock type.

img bridge 1

Control from anywhere

Tedee smart bridge

Manage your accommodation – or many of them! – remotely. The Tedee smart bridge connects your smart lock to the internet, offering advanced hosting tools.

Must be connected to Wi-Fi and powered within the smart lock’s Bluetooth range.

img portal 2

The rental host toolbox

Tedee Portal

Manage all your properties with one – free! – online tool. From easy sharing options through organization features to a clear activity overview: this is your rental control center.

Available on any internet browser.

Upgrade your experience

Benefit from additional features and complete your smart hosting setup

img keypad 1

Convenience in the numbers

Tedee keypad

With an external PIN pad, all keys, devices, and apps can be replaced with a few digits.

Powered by batteries and installed with adhesive or screws.

img relay 2

Smart from the start

BleBox smart relay module

Offer your guests keyless access to shared entrances, garage doors, or property gates. This small device brings analogue relay mechanisms into the smart hosting era.

Installed in the relay controller and requires continuous Wi-Fi access.

img rentalmanager

Your personal rental manager

Channel management platform

Control your listings and bookings across various platforms with this online software. Integrated with Tedee, it automatically shares access with your guests and offers numerous additional features.

Tedee is compatible with Hostify, Guesty, and Smoobu services. Prices and features vary.

Customize your smart rental with our professional solutions

If you’re managing a larger rental company, consider creating your own smart access solution for hotels, resorts, boutique properties, or travel mobile apps. Tedee cloud-based API protocol allows customized integration with your software. First-class devices and superior cybersecurity seamlessly control access to your rental projects.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Tedee smart bridge required?

A Tedee smart bridge is necessary for automatic access sharing and remote management. Without the bridge, your visitors may still use the smart lock with the Tedee app. However, managing it would require you to be near the device.

Do I need a channel management platform?

This service is required for automatic hosting features. If you prefer to manually control your rental – using the Tedee app or Tedee Portal – you do not need to subscribe to an additional platform. It’s still better than commuting and handing out or collecting keys, isn’t it?

What are the monthly costs?

The use of the Tedee Portal, app, and devices is free. After purchasing the smart products, your only recurring maintenance costs will be the subscription to a channel management platform. The price can vary depending on the chosen service and the number of your properties.

What if my visitor is not tech-savvy?

You can still offer a stay with traditional keys, which can always be used to unlock the property from the outside. On the inside, Tedee smart locks function like a standard manual knob.

What if I hire a rental administrator? 

You can delegate full control of your Tedee devices to a rental agency or an independent manager. They will have access to all features and configuration settings. As the owner, you can always revoke this permission.

Are access links secure?

Technologically speaking, yes. However, they should be handled with caution. They function just like traditional keys and need to be protected. Anyone with a link, like anyone with a key, can unlock the door. Remember to share the links via secure methods and use them for temporary access sharing.