Anatomy of a tedee adapter
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How does a European adapter work?

It’s a small accessory that connects a smart lock to your existing European lock cylinder. Perfect if you wish to make your door smart, but keep your old keys. Learn more about it here.

tedee smart lock brings intelligent features to your door but must be joined with your lock hardware. This is obtained by a secure mount on a dedicated indentation, which is either a spot on dedicated modular cylinders or adapters.

Though the smart features of a smart lock are the same, it’s necessary to pick its installation method.

A new cylinder ensures the highest safety and smoothest operation but requires replacing your keys. The adapter keeps your lock as secure as before, though it lets your keys stay the same.

If you’re unsure whether you should install tedee on a dedicated cylinder or adapter, read this guide >>

Here you’ll find the overview of the adapter installation.

If the lock on your door is of Nordic type, you can learn about the suitable Nordic adapter here >>

What does a European adapter consist of?

Adapter anatomy

A European adapter is a small piece of metal hardware consisting of two main parts.

The round base rests on your lock cylinder and is screwed to the smart lock. It ensures a necessary grasp of the smart lock on the cylinder.

The inner adapter shaft is connected to the smart lock’s rotating mechanism. Its key socket embraces the cut key inside the keyhole.

All equipment comes with the necessary screws and Torx key.

Adapter elements

Can I install tedee smart lock with an adapter?

Door lock compatible with the tedee adapter

For a proper grasp of an adapter, the cylinder must protrude from the door or escutcheon for at least 2 mm.

If your cylinder protrudes less, the setup would not be steady enough. You’re advised to install a smart lock by replacing a cylinder.

If your cylinder is not compatible with the adapter, but you must keep your existing keys, contact your local locksmith and ask them to contact [email protected]. We will present them with a range of professional hardware accessories that may allow altering your cylinders for tedee.

What you need to know

To properly install the tedee smart lock on a European adapter, you need to cut one key’s head off.

The whole setup is shorter and protrudes less from the door: the adapter rests on a straight edge of a key’s blade.

The tedee adapter mounted on the door lock

You can do it quickly at your local locksmith’s shop. If you have the skills and tools, you can do it yourself. Please, remember about protective equipment when working with electrical tools.

This is a simple procedure, but keep in mind that one of your existing keys needs to be altered, so maybe you would need to make an extra.

Locksmith workshop

How to install a European adapter?

See the video and five steps below. Remember, this is for overview only. When installing a smart lock with an adapter, follow the full adapter’s user manual >>

Step 1: Mark the key

Put an adapter base on, insert your key and mark the line where it needs to be cut off.

The line has to be drawn slightly below the rim of the inner adapter hole.

Key marking instruction

Step 2: Cut the key

Whether yourself or at a locksmith shop, cut your key along the marked line.

Key cutting instruction

Step 3: Install the shaft

Begin by inserting a small adapter shaft inside a smart lock’s space, mindful of the screw intrusion aligning with a screw. Fix the screw.

Shaft installation instruction Shaft installation instruction 2

Step 4: Install the base

Install the adapter base on a smart lock. Make sure that the adapter matches the rear side of your tedee lock for full contact, and fix the screws.

Base installation instruction Base installation instruction 2

Step 5: Install the smart lock

Insert your cut key inside a cylinder.

Place the whole setup on your cylinder with an adapter base and shaft connected to the smart lock. Ensure that the key socket embraces the key, and the base’s indentation matches the cylinder’s shape.

Fix the screw on the adapter’s base until the adapter fits on the cylinder as tight as possible.

Smart lock installation instruction Smart lock installation instruction 2

After successfully installing a smart lock with an adapter, you can move forward to pairing your device with the tedee app and calibration.