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Smart lock on every Aussie door: Tedee debuts in Australia and New Zealand


Having journeyed from Europe, through the Middle East and Latin America, Tedee smart locks are now marking their presence in an entirely new domain. Equipped with a regional collaborator and a tailor-made hardware collection, we’re geared up to install our Tedee smart locks across the Pacific region.



Come and meet our brand ambassador, Nick Penny, at the MLAA National Conference & Trade Expo in Cairns.


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MLAA National Conference & Trade Expo 2023 

27-28 October 

Pullman Cairns International


Why now? 

Our most recent offering, Tedee GO, was launched in June 2023 as the quintessential easy-install smart lock. Its sleek yet adaptable design empowers us to expand our reach, and its groundbreaking, simplified mechanics introduce fresh integration possibilities with an increasing array of door hardware.  

Our lineup, featuring the luxurious, top-tier Tedee PRO and the accessible, budget-friendly Tedee GO, is poised to make a widespread impact across new markets, unconfined to specific property categories.  

Beyond smart locks and a smart bridge, our collection also boasts a keypad and a relay module, compatible with garage doors and gates. The only obstacle remaining is tailoring our installation procedures to fit local lock hardware norms. 


Adhering to Australian door hardware standards 

As a land intermixing diverse cultures, traditions, and systems, Australia and New Zealand feature a unique array of door hardware types. This posed a compelling challenge for Tedee to augment our accessory lineup to accommodate as many of these variants as possible. Note: our smart locks are fitted internally and thus remain invisible from the outside. 

Both our existing and newly developed installation accessories facilitate a smooth setup of Tedee PRO. Using a compact bar adapter >>, which can be fixed in mere seconds, all of these are primed to function seamlessly with Tedee GO, too. 


Oval cylinders 

For mounting Tedee smart locks on oval cylinders, we’ve engineered three distinct adapter lengths to ensure compatibility. They’re a breeze to interchange and can align with pre-existing door locks, replacing the internal segment of oval cylinders.  




Oval cylinder adapters
Oval20 1 Oval25 1 Oval30
20mm 25mm 30mm



Predominantly found overseas but rare in Europe, deadbolts were next on our list. We’re rolling out an adapter tailor-made for mounting Tedee smart locks on doors secured with deadbolts. A standout feature of this mechanism is its energy efficiency, ensuring prolonged battery life in comparison to standard lock cylinders.




Deadbolt adapters
IMG 8354 1 IMG 8374 2


European cylinders and adapters

Given the continued popularity of Euro-profile cylinders in the region, Tedee GO can be effortlessly affixed to these without any supplementary hardware. Conversely, Tedee PRO can be set up using a replacement cylinder or a European adapter.

Thoroughly vetted and globally recognized, we cater to a broad spectrum of Euro-profile door locks. If you’re keen on retaining your keys and avoiding cylinder replacements, our European adapters and a comprehensive suite of professional shafts are at your service. These can be conveniently installed by a local locksmith.




On the horizon: Tedee smart bridge tailored for Australian outlets

Our commitment to customer experience is unwavering. As such, the final product in line for customization for the Australian market is our Tedee smart bridge.

Initially designed for European outlets, the current model isn’t compatible with Australian power sockets. While we’re in the process of enhancing its versatility, for now, the Tedee smart bridge should be connected using a micro-USB cable and an apt charger. Do note, that these components aren’t included as standard.


AU bridge