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Smart lock: explained


Anatomy of a tedee door insert

A smart lock is a battery-powered mechanism installed on your door lock inside the property.

You can always unlock the door with a standard key.



It rotates your lock electronically.

You can unlock it with a press of a button.



A smart lock may automatically unlock the door when you arrive.

It can automatically lock it after you leave.



A smart lock connects to other devices via Bluetooth.

You can control it with your smartphone or smartwatch.


A person in the restaurant uses the tedee lock via the app

Additional accessories let you control the door lock from anywhere in the world.



You can share “digital keys” with your visitors.

Choose the dates when they can access the door.


Tedee smart lock activities view

All activity history is always available in the mobile app.


A woman controlling a vacuum cleaner via an appA man controlling the thermostat via an app


A smart lock can integrate with your other smart home devices for various kinds of automation.

Vacuuming may start when you leave.

Music can start playing when you arrive.


Tedee smart lock icon


A smart lock uses similar digital security technologies as online banking.


A tedee smart lock plugged into charging

It works up to 14 months on a single charge.

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