What does a smart bridge do?

It connects to your smart lock with Bluetooth and to the internet via Wi-Fi: like a bridge between your device and the global network.

Using a bridge gives you features available only in the online mode: auto-unlock, remote opening, notifications, and auto-updates.

Bridge also enables more opportunities for integrating the smart lock with voice assistants and smart home systems.

You can plug the bridge directly into a power socket or connect it with a micro USB up to 2m away from your smart door lock.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I connect multiple smart locks to one bridge?

    Yes, you can connect as many smart locks as you want - as long as they are up to 2m away from the bridge. This way, you can usually use just one bridge in corridors and other multidoor spaces.

  • Do I need a bridge?

    No, it's not necessary. But a bridge connects your smart lock to the internet - giving you many perks of remote control, real-time notifications, and automatic updates. Read more.

  • What is a bridge?

    The bridge is a small devicinstalled up to 2m away from your door. Iconnects to your smart lock via Bluetooth and to the internet through homWi-Fi

    Using a bridge ihow you get all of the smart lock benefits - but it's not required. Read more on our smart lock blog. 

  • Where should I connect the bridge?

    The bridge should be placed up to 2m away from the smart lock and within the Wi-Fi range. Ideally, the space between your bridge and smart lock should not be obstructed by heavy objects that interfere with the Bluetooth signal. See our smart lock blog for more information on installing a bridge.

  • Does the bridge require an internet connection?

    Yes, it needs to be placed in the Wi-Fi range that is connected to the internet.

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