BleBox smart relay module


Street entrance. Front gate. Garage door. One app. 

Replace your remote control, fobs, cards or keys with your mobile phone.
Make your access smart and secure with the smart relay module, and discover the complete freedom of keyless life. 

What is a relay?

It’s an electronic controller for locking devices. It unlocks a mechanism with an electric signal instead of a key.

It is a popular tool with multiple applications that is used daily with your intercom, garage door, or office entrance.

How to unlock a relay?

Any relay-controlled equipment requires a power source and an ‘unlock’ button, remote, PIN pad or fob reader. These devices’ confirm’ the users accessing the device and then permit them to unlock their hardware. But what if you could unlock all of your devices using your smartphone?

How do I unlock a relay with an app?

You must connect your relay controller to the internet using your local Wi-Fi network or mobile data router. This ensures a universal wireless connection is created between the relay device and your smartphone. You can use a dedicated relay module no matter where you are. 


How can a smart relay module help me?


At your home

Never look for keys, remotes, or parking cards again.  Make your returns home an easier and hassle-free experience. 

There’s no need to manually unlock gates and garage doors. You can now relax and unlock all of them in the Tedee app. 

BleBox smart relay module works in private homes and shared properties such as residential buildings, condominiums, or townhouses.

Street entrance

Fence gate

Garage door


At your business

Would you like to keep your company’s access management in one place  
– even in multiple locations, using various types of equipment, and with unlimited employees? 

Integrating your lock relays with the Tedee desktop portal makes administration of all access points easy, affordable and wireless for your business. 

Individual employee accounts allow for detailed activity logs, and their authorization can be easily modified or revoked.

Office door

Parking barrier

Fence gate


At your rental

Relax as a host. Offer your guests freedom and flexibility to enter and leave the house on their terms at your control.

Host your property keylessly and keep track with the smart security features from your application. 

Enable all shared doors – from street to flat – to be unlocked with a smartphone app. 
Seamlessly pair the Relay Module with Tedee smart lock, bridge, and keypad for the ultimate automatic smart hosting.

Street entrance

Community area

Parking gate


In your control

Add modern smart features even to older and analogue hardware devices.  The BleBox Relay Module is an instant upgrade that brings online control to your existing home equipment. 

Never waste time exchanging keys or PINs again. Instead, you can share the virtual keys to your relay module with your family, employees or maintenance workers without compromising security. 

Let others unlock devices with their smartphones, but only the way you allow these permissions in your application settings.  Limit their activity by selecting the dates and times you want the access to the smart relay module to be active. Choose to make it permanent, temporary, or recurring daily or weekly, for example, every morning or only on Thursdays. 

Managing security and privacy is easy with our Tedee mobile app or desktop portal. You can always browse the activity logs on your devices, control them remotely, or share the access with someone else. 

Access sharing

AccesSharing 1

Activity logs

ActivityLogs 1 1

Remote unlocking

RemoteUnlocking 1

BleBox smart relay module

This is a product made by BleBox. After installation, you can integrate and control it with the Tedee app.

What you need to know

This module is connected inside the relay controller – instead of on an intercom at your flat or the door. It is a minor and reversible add-on to your building’s hardware. First, contact your estate administration to confirm the controller’s location and installation permit beforehand.

An internet connection is also required for wireless access to the BleBox relay module. If the relay device is out of the Wi-Fi range, you may need to install a small mobile router with a monthly fee.

Relay Module installation involves hardware alteration of the lock relay controller and the connection of multiple wires. Although a setup manual is supplied, a professional installation is always recommended. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a button to unlock the smart relay?

You can keep using your unlocking button or connect the relay module to a new monostable button to IN1, IN2 or IN3 connectors. 

What if the internet is down?

The lock relay will not respond without an internet connection. All communication is made via the internet, not using Bluetooth. Ensure the Wi-Fi module is connected to a reliable network and the user has data access on their smartphone.

Is this secure?

BleBox relay module access uses an online cloud software that requires account verification to control. Persons not authorized by the device owner have no way of operating it.

Can the BleBox relay module unlock my door with a wired electric door opener? 

Yes, it can.

Can it show whether my door/garage/gate is open or closed? 

Not yet, but it will be possible. Soon we will upgrade the module’s firmware for free. After that, you can connect a compatible inductive sensor or reed switch and check their relay status in the Tedee app.

Is this relay module compatible with voice assistants or smart home automation? 

Not directly. However, in the iOS ecosystem, you can create an Apple Shortcut to unlock the relay module. You can then launch it by asking Siri on compatible devices.