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Photograph your door to let us select the perfect cylinder

At Tedee, we offer five versions of a European lock cylinder. You’re directed to a form after buying it as a part of the Tedee set. We ask you to take three photos of your lock, which will let us choose the one cylinder that’s perfect for you. Have your ruler ready!

Graphic showing the door from three different angles

Why do we do it?

Door locks are different – in terms of the rotating mechanism (gear or tab) or their measurements. To match all European-type locks on the market, we offer five modular lock cylinders that enable customization to fit the one on your door.

Their intricacies are challenging, and many factors determine your cylinder’s final length: outwards or inwards opening escutcheons or door thickness.

To make the selection of a suitable product, we ask you for three photos of your door. Our team of specialists can select a cylinder suitable for your door based on these.

Take the pictures with your phone, and use a ruler for one of them. Be aware that this is not a matter of aesthetics. Below the photos, you can see the points we will focus on. You can keep them in mind when photographing your door to make the cylinder matching as effective as possible.

If you wish to select your cylinder yourself, you can see the full guide here >>

Photo 1: from the inside

Take a photo at a 45-degree angle, so we can see your handle and lock hardware if you have any. These may influence how long the cylinder should be.

Doors from the inside

What we need to see

  1. Do you have an escutcheon or a backplate?
  2. How much does the cylinder protrude from the inside – is it enough to support a smart lock?
  3. What distance is between the keyhole and the door wing’s edge?

Photo 2: from the outside

This shot presents if your door uses any protective hardware from the outside. The cylinder should not (or even cannot) protrude from the door for maximum security.

Doors from the outside

What we need to see

Do you have a protective rosette?

Photo 3: door’s edge with a ruler

This is where we get to numbers. Place the ruler horizontally and perpendicularly to the door’s edge – you may temporarily stick it to the door. Please ensure that the ruler’s zero value starts parallelly to the rosette or backplate on the inside. If your door uses no additional hardware, place the ruler’s zero value at the door’s edge.

Door's edge with a ruler

What we need to see

  1. How thick is your door?
  2. What are the proportions between both sides of the cylinder’s screw hole?

Final step: inwards or outwards?

We also ask you to inform us whether you open the door inwards or outwards. This is important because it can warn us to verify if your door measurements allow for the secure installation of a smart lock.

On the outward opening doors, the distance between the keyhole and the door wing’s edge should be no smaller than 30mm to protect from the smart lock hitting the door frame when opening.