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How to install Tedee GO on Tedee cylinders: understanding the bar adapter

Are you planning to install Tedee GO on a cylinder designed for Tedee PRO?


The primary distinction between Tedee GO and Tedee PRO lies in their installation methods for European cylinders.

Typically, for Tedee PRO, you might need to replace your existing cylinder with one that’s Tedee-compatible. In contrast, Tedee GO allows you to conveniently position the smart lock over your current cylinder, with a key inserted. Compare them below:


Tedee GO

The existing cylinder with a key in place

Nowy projekt 2

Tedee PRO

Specific cylinder shaft

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Fundamentally, Tedee PRO is designed for a specialized, short, round slotted shaft, while Tedee GO needs a broader, flat element – typically, a key.


But what if you’re aiming to install Tedee GO on a cylinder intended for Tedee PRO?

That’s where the bar adapter comes into play. f42f0d38 bd18 4f20 a8db 745fde1cb3b9

The bar adapter is a slim, flat metal component that modifies the shaft of Tedee PRO-compatible cylinders. It can be easily attached, without any tools, as illustrated below:


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By using the bar adapter, the Tedee PRO-dedicated cylinder becomes Tedee GO-compatible. All you need to do, is position the Tedee GO on the cylinder with the bar adapter in place, and secure it using three screws.


How to install Tedee GO on a Tedee PRO-compatible cylinder?

If you’re purchasing a cylinder from Tedee along with Tedee GO, make sure to select a cylinder or a Tedee set that includes the bar adapter. If it’s not available in the Tedee online store, reach out to us at [email protected].


If you’ve already been using a Tedee PRO on a compatible cylinder or Nordic adapter – and are considering switching to Tedee GO – inspect your setup’s shaft.

Depending on when you acquired your cylinder, it might be equipped with a shaft similar to the one depicted below. Notably, there’s a single indentation at its end. If your shaft resembles one, the Tedee bar adapter won’t be compatible. In this scenario, you’ll need to replace a cylinder or the adapter.

Bar Photo3


If your Tedee cylinder has two indentations on opposite poles of the shaft – typically purchased in the summer of 2023 or later – your cylinder is ready for use with the bar adapter for Tedee GO installation.


If you are uncertain, please email us at [email protected], attaching a photo of your cylinder or adapter shaft. We’ll assess the compatibility and recommend the most suitable solution for your door.