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Are you a short-term administrator? Manage multiple properties easier.

Administrators who have multiple short-term rental properties in their care may find it challenging to process all of their bookings, handle customer contacts, and manage cleaning services. They will therefore require advanced solutions to help centralize and automate their operations.

Keyless entry solves all the problems of traditional keys in one swoop, offering significant advantages for you, your staff, and your guests too. 

Remote control, all guest information in one digital place, no security issues, less staff, happier customers – these are just some of the benefits that installing a smart lock with a keypad provides.

An excellent time to encourage a homeowner to invest in a smart lock with a keypad is onboarding a property to your offer. Prepare and be aware of the benefits this solution brings to both sides.

You are wondering if the smart lock tedee will fit the front door? You can find out all about this on our blog. Or is it better to use an adapter? Here you will find a comparison of both methods of installing a smart lock.

Smart lock simplifies short-term rental of multiple properties.

The vacation rental industry is by far the one that benefits most from the flexibility, security, and automation offered by smart locks. 

Just as the key card system has almost eliminated the use of the old-fashioned keys at office buildings, it can be expected that short-term rentals without smart locks will become rare soon. Smart locks are changing the way property administrators manage and monitor short-term rentals.

Anyone who manages vacation rentals knows that using physical keys can be very problematic and stressful. Handing over the keys, agreeing on a suitable appointment time, and adjusting to other people’s plans make everybody feel insecure. Right, in such a situation, you can use special key lockers, but this is not exactly a secure or convenient solution.

Lockboxes are placed on the outside so unauthorized persons can get access to them. This can result in such a box being torn out or damaged and the key stolen. If your rental is in a building with more than one room or unit, such as an apartment block, lost and stolen keys can also put the entire block at risk. When this happens, the problems only get worse – the lock has to be replaced and a set of new keys made. Wasted nerves, time, and money.

Property managers no longer have to coordinate and plan the date and time of the key handover. With a smart lock, guests can check in and out on their own at their convenience, creating a positive experience. On the other hand: imagine you don’t need to carry dozens of keys to all the managed properties at your office.

Installation and configuration of the smart lock open up the possibility of offering extra perks for your guests; for example, early check-in if you notice that the cleaning service has finished with a room earlier than planned. With a touch of a button, you could confirm with your housekeeper and give access to your newly-happy guests – who will now have a great impression of you before they’ve even arrived.

Close-up of tedee smart lock and tedee lock on the door

Integration with a reservation software.

The vacation rental industry is growing very fast, which has resulted in the development of many technologies, tools, and platforms that allow administrators of multiple properties to operate them remotely. These help you save a lot of time and effort, give you complete control over your business and provide a quality service to your guests. Homeowners also appreciate such solutions – it gives them a view of how their property is managed.

If you manage many properties, even such a simple task as sending a message with an access code to a front door be problematic and time-consuming. By synchronizing the smart keypad with property management platforms, you can forget about sending messages manually.

Never more dealing with keys to multiple properties.

But let’s go back to simpler technologies – physical keys. If you own multiple properties, they are most often located far from each other – in different parts of the city. To organize the delivery and collection of keys and regular code changes in the lockboxes – you usually need to employ several people – especially in the case of large cities. Moving them around is quite a challenge, and during rush hours – it can become impossible.

With a smart lock, your staff no longer have to travel to the property. You can even decide not to employ any staff at all. You also no longer need to use key boxes. A smart lock is one solution with many benefits.

A bunch of traditional keys

Increase your rental income with a smart lock.

Unlike long-term rentals, short-term property rentals allow you to build up a good reputation and market value in the long term. Automating the rental with a smart keypad will make guests feel secure when they book a room.

A unique access code will be sent to the customers moments after clicking “Book” or a set time or number of days before their reservation. Customers don’t have to wonder if their booking has been registered, and they won’t be left without a roof over their head once they have traveled many kilometers and arrived – after all, they already have the “keys” – only in a digital version. And all this doesn’t require too much involvement from you – it happens by itself.  All you have to do is monitor the rental process – remotely and from anywhere.

The smart keypad is the solution that does not require any extra involvement from your guests – no apps to download etc. In case of emergency, you can send them an access code in a text, or they can write it down in their wallet to use with no electronic equipment on their “digital break.”

Good communication with your guests is key to getting good reviews and increasing the number of bookings. Even the most experienced hosts can have trouble handling everything from booking requests to inquiries from guests. Automating your messaging will help minimize repetitive tasks and quickly resolve potential issues that may arise. All managed from one place to improve communication.

Housing staff also need to get on board.

OK, but how do you let a cleaning service into your home? With multiple reservations at one property, the maintenance staff would need practically constant access. Should they have their own keys – and pass them between cleaning persons? Should you let them in every time? There is no good, quick, and safe solution for this when using traditional keys.

Smart lock with smart keypad allows you to grant access to your flat with a unique code issued for a specific person or a time period. Access code from today may not work tomorrow or even today after 2 p.m.  All of that is managed in an app or a desktop browser tool. Maximum control with minimal effort.

Cleaning lady vacuuming the carpet in the room

What will the homeowner like?

Homeowners will appreciate that smart locks are discreet devices installed inside the home. Even if you use a keypad outside your door, it is in the smart lock that all-important information is stored. A keypad getting stolen does not compromise the safety of your door in any way at all, and the reasonable price reduces the risk significantly.

From an owner’s perspective, the automatic door locking function also seems priceless. After all, it is his possessions that are inside the property. So it’s good to know that a smart lock is always on guard and is watching over access to the home – even if someone has forgotten to lock the door behind them.

Fully remote management – you don’t have to commute or visit your properties as often.

Man sits on beach using smartphone

A smart lock with a keypad is the perfect solution for any short-term rental. Managing the entire rental process has never been so easy and clear. 

You or your employees no longer have to greet guests in person to hand over the keys. If one of your guests has stained a wall and it needs to be painted, you don’t have to drive home to let a service in. Synchronizing the smart lock with booking portals allows full automation of the rental process – guests can check-in and out whenever they want without personal contact with a stranger.

Incorporating these solutions into your business will not only give you personal benefits but also make your property more attractive, safe, and profitable in the long run.