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Does Tedee work with Airbnb?

Assign and share access automatically with your Airbnb guests by integrating Tedee with channel management platforms: Guesty or Smoobu.

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Airbnb does not integrate with Tedee directly. However, both systems connect through third-party channel management platforms.

What is a channel manager? >>


Two examples of such systems are Guesty and Smoobu. Compatible with both Airbnb and Tedee, allow for seamless connection of your rental listing with smart lock access control.

How to launch smart hosting at Airbnb accommodation?


Step 1/3

Sign up for Smoobu >> or Guesty for Pros >> channel management platform.

Tedee is not compatible with Tedee for Hosts plan.

Step 2/3

Integrate your Airbnb listings with Smoobu >> or Guesty >>.

Step 3/3

Connect Tedee with Guesty >>  or Smoobu >>


After configuring all platforms, the guests of your Airbnb accommodation will receive unique access PINs via Airbnb in-app chat.

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