short-term rental automatic access control
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How to control the automatic access sharing to your rental

The Bookings panel in the Tedee Portal contains all tools necessary for staying up-to-date with access sharing to your rental. See the guide below for details.

Bookings dashboard

Available from the left sidebar menu on the Tedee Portal.

The following screen contains details of access sharing to all bookings managed via integrated Smoobu or Guesty platforms.

tedee portal - bookings dashboard

Booking ID
is unique to every reservation
e-mail used for access sharing.
is the name of the accommodation booked.
dates from available check-in hour to final time, when the PIN allows entry.
presents the entire process in three steps. Hover over icons to see detailed information about each stage.

Status bar

All booking information described in three icons. 

White, green, and red indicate if there is something you should worry about. By hovering over symbols, you may check the status details – including precise time – or the causes of errors.

booking status bar

Automation schedule

Has it started?

automation is planned icon

Automation is planned
for the set date and time

automation has started icon

Automation has started




Access granting step

Have the guests received the PIN?

automation has not started icon

has not started.

the access PIN has been created and sent to the visitor icon

The access PIN
has been created
and sent to your visitor.

error occurred icon

Error occurred.
Usually, the lock does not
connect to the cloud.

Check-in step

Have they arrived?

visitors have not checked in yet icon

They have not yet
accessed your place.

visitors have successfully accessed to the place with PIN icon

Visitors have
successfully accessed
your place with PIN.


Before the guests have arrived, according to the current status of your booking, you gain access to various features available by choosing the menu icon at a booking ID.

Before the PIN has been shared, you may see the options below.

PIN sharing options

You may Deactivate the automation and pause the access from being granted at the set time, or on the contrary – Grant access now. The latter can also be used to retry the automation in case of errors.

After the PIN has been successfully shared, you access the following options:

PIN code options

If the access sharing is complete, you may check the PIN details and see the code. You may always Resend the invitation, too, or Deactivate and make the PIN immediately invalid.