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Smart Lock Without Smart Home: What Do I Lose?

You don’t live in a smart home but wonder if it makes sense to buy a smart lock? Find out what you could have with a smart integration and learn all the default features – available to everyone. It may change your every day, anyway.

Okay, a smart lock without smart home integration doesn’t usually synchronize with a smart fridge or smart jacuzzi. But it still opens automatically, lets you share access through an app and makes home keys a thing of the past. You get that even with the simplest, cheapest setups – and it’s so much already. You can also learn how to enhance your smart lock experience without expensive integrations.

How does a smart lock work in a smart home?

All the smart home universe – including smart locks – is based on the concept of devices connected and collaborating with each other. It gives you complete control of all devices and scenes, routines, and automation they can do as a team.

This way, a smart lock can work as a trigger: lights can turn on when you enter, or the music may stop playing when you leave. It can disable AC when there’s nobody home. It’s a world of a multitude of combinations that you can tailor to your lifestyle. It’s operated through one central interface, devices called “smart hubs”, or a mobile app.

What needs to be said is that a smart lock is a great part of a smart home system – if you have one. If you don’t, do you wonder if it’s not too expensive to pay just for some of its features?

What a smart lock does on its own?

You can successfully operate a smart lock with just an app on your smartphone. It allows you to unlock the door with a click. You can configure automatic locking after leaving and enabling auto-unlock when you get back. The smart lock app lets you share access with family or services, and you get a complete history of door use.

Aren’t these reasons why you want a smart lock? All of these require just an app. If you’d like, you can take your experience a step further and add a little device called a bridge.

Opening the lock with the tedee app

So a smart lock is not enough? What even is a bridge?

Smart locks don’t contain Wi-Fi modules to stay sleek and work for longer on their battery. They connect to your smartphone via low energy Bluetooth. But to enable remote opening, push notifications or operation through voice assistants, a smart lock needs a steady web connection.

A bridge is a device in size comparable to a bar of soap. It’s plugged into an electric socket up to 2m away from the door. It connects to your lock and your home wireless network, joining two smart worlds together. Yes, it costs an extra €99 but enables powerful tools for operating your lock online.

Unsure if you want a bridge? Read a comparison of how smart lock works with and without it on our blog.

How to make my home smarter for less?

Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa offer smart home platforms in the cloud. Devices in these systems communicate with each other via the internet. It has both pros and cons, but it is the easiest way to start a smart home from scratch.

You only need a compatible smart lock with a bridge and a Google, Apple or Amazon app. These allow you to unlock with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant – on your smartphones, smartwatches, smart speakers, and hubs. It is also the easiest way to create automated events, joining multiple devices into routines or scenes, when you get more smart gear.

How to start a smart home with a smart lock?

Why don’t you get a smart lock and use it for a while? You’d quickly notice what else do you need.

Smart bulbs may come in handy in the hallway, so you never have to switch the lights with heavy bags again. A smart speaker in the kitchen could let you open to visitors while cooking, with just a command. A smart thermostat may help you reduce your bills by lowering the temp when nobody’s home.

Should I get a smart lock without a smart home system?

Yes, because it revolutionizes the way you use a front door. Smart home integration is crucial for people who already use smart installations in their homes. You don’t lose anything if it’s not you.

But if you ever feel like beginning your smart home adventure, it’s a great starting point. It makes your door smart. And if you want, it may open you up to making your all home smart, too.