Handing over the tedee voucher
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Leave keys to hearts | Unlock doors with an app

It takes a lot to prepare an unforgettable Valentine’s Day date. With a smart lock, you can focus on more romantic affairs.


Delivery, visitor – or yourself.
tedee saves you time whenever someone passes the door.
So you have more time for the one you love.


See how it makes your Valentine’s Day
more convenient, efficient – and lovely.


Checking the activity log



Are you there?

Check your smart lock’s activity logs
to make sure your loved one isn’t home.


You got mail

Food for the dinner has arrived – but you’re getting flowers.
Remotely let the delivery in.

Man picking flowers from the back of a truck

Lighting a candle


Β 19:59

Where are the matches?

Ask voice assistant to unlock the door… and go light these candles!



The great entrance

The light dims. Soft jazz starts playing.
All set in your smart home app.

A cosy room decorated for a date


tedee voucher

Enter next chapter together.

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