with registered seat in Warsaw, ul. Altowa 2, 02-386 Warszawa,
KRS: 0000712451, NIP 7010795542, REGON 36918862100000 ,
tel.: (+48) 884 088 011,
e – mail: [email protected],

hereinafter referred to as the “Warrantor”, hereby grants to the Warrantee the Warranty for the delivered product“Tedee Lock”, hereinafter referred as the “Product”.

Wherever a defect is mentioned in this Warranty Card, it shall be understood as a physical defect according to Art. 556 § 1 of the Polish Civil Code.


  1. This warranty covers the Product, exuding the mobile application and the battery.
  2. Under the terms of this Product Warranty, the Warrantor is responsible towards the Warrantee.
  3. The Warranty is valid for 24 months of the Product delivery to the Warrantee (standard variant).
  4. Pursuant to Art. 581 of the Polish Civil Code, in case of Product replacement and significant repairs, the warranty period shall start anew. In other cases, the warranty period shall be extended by the time during which as a result of defect the Product could not be used by the Warrantee.
  5. The Warranty period starts on the day of Product delivery to the Warrantee.
  6. The Warranty shall cover only the defects that have occurred due to the reasons inherent in the Product.
  7. The Warranty shall not cover the defects caused by:
    • force majeure;
    • incorrect use and operation, particularly not in accordance with the Operation and Installation Manual attached to the Product.
  8. In addition, the Warranty shall not cover:
    • wear parts, such as protective coatings, unless the damage has been caused by material or workmanship defects;
    • minor damage, including dents, scratching that are not important for the correct operation of the Product;
    • damage caused by modifications or repairs of the Product with the use of sub-assemblies or parts not unauthorized by the Warrantor;
    • damage caused by service operations performed by persons not authorized by the Warrantor;
  9. Product defects that have occurred after the Product modification by the Warrantee or a third party without written consent of the Warrantor.
  10. The rights under this Warranty can be exercised by the Warrantee without limits and free of charge in the Republic of Poland and in the European Economic Area.


  1. In case of any Product defect, the Warrantee has the right to:
    • demand the Product defect be eliminated, and if the Product has already been repaired twice to demand the Product be replaced with a new one, free of defects, or;
    • demand the purchase price be refunded if it is not possible to replace or repair the Product;
  2. In case of a defect of the Product under the Warranty, the Warrantee shall:
    • notify the Warrantor about the defect immediately, however not later that 7 days of noticing the Defect;
    • take all available actions to prevent the spread of damage;
  3. If the Warrantee does not fulfil these duties, the Warrantor can shun the obligations under the Warranty.
  4. In case of any Product defect, the Warrantor shall:
    • eliminate the defect or replace the Product with a new one free of defects within 30 days of the reception of notification;
    • if the defect scope makes it impossible to repair the Product within the period specified in the preceding paragraph, the Warrantor shall notify the Warrantee accordingly and agree the new repair deadline with the Warrantee;
    • refund the paid price pursuant to clause 3.1. letter b of this Warranty.
  5. The fact of successful elimination of defect shall be confirmed by the Warrantor by electronic mail to the Warrantee’s email address.
  6. If the defects found during the Warranty period are not eliminated within the prescribed time, the Warrantor shall refund the Product purchase price to the Warrantee.


  1. The Warrantee shall notify the Warrantor about each defect by email or telephone quoting the purchase order number. The Warrantor shall confirm the reception of defect notification by assigning the case number and sending it by email to the address given by the Warrantee.
  2. Then, the Warrantee shall send the Product with the proof of purchase such as the bill or VAT invoice. The Warrantor accepts also a scan or a photocopy of the bill or VAT invoice mentioned in the preceding sentence.
  3. The Parties shall notify each other about the change of address data immediately, not later than 7 days of such change. If they fail to do so, the correspondence sent to the last known address shall be deemed effectively delivered.
  4. In case of a bankruptcy or liquidation application, the Warrantor shall notify the Warrantee accordingly in writing within 7 days.


To the issues not regulated by this Warranty Card the provisions of Polish law, particularly the Civil Code shall duly apply.

All amendments of this Warranty Card shall be null and void unless made in writing.

Warsaw, the 1st of June 2019.