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GERDA cylinder30-61mm/30mm

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GERDA cylinder30-61mm/30mm

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GERDA cylinder30-61mm/37-68mm

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GERDA cylinder

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Set contains your new tedee lock, a bridge that connects your lock to the Internet, a GERDA cylinder and an accessory kit, including a magnetic charging cord.

You can configure your set using our configuration wizard and install it yourself. You can also take advantage of our configuration and assembly service provided by our experts.

You won’t have to use the configuration wizard. Our expert will select the right cylinder for you. Paid additionally +250,00 
Use our configuration wizard and choose the right cylinder for your door.


Smart tedee lock

The smallest, most resilient and smartest door lock powered by a battery that ensures continuous operation for up to 6 months. Thanks to our collaboration with GERDA engineers, you can enjoy the highest level of safety, comfort and control.

Control your lock using a smartphone or an Apple Watch

Forget about keys and make your life easier. Click a single button in an app to lock or unlock your door.

Forget about touching the door handle with the automatic opening feature

Automatic door opening feature will make your life easy and convenient, as your tedee lock will open automatically and push the door handle for you as soon as you approach the door.

Share digital keys with your loved ones, employees and tenants

With our app, you can easily share digital keys for your door lock with your loved ones, tenants or colleagues. What is more, there is no risk that somebody will lose or copy the key behind your back.

Convenience and intuitive operation

The large button on the tedee lock will enable you to conveniently use its numerous features. Press it briefly to open or lock the door. Hold it down to lock the door with a delay. You can quickly open and close your door without touching your smartphone.


The Bridge is a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth router that connects your tedee lock to the Internet and allows you to control it with our app, allowing you to connect to your tedee lock from anywhere in the world.

Check the lock status and control it remotely

Forgot whether you locked the door? You can check it at any time and lock them remotely by tapping a single button in the app.

Use the event log

You can check the history of opening and locking the door. Are you wondering whether your children came back from school or whether your guests locked the door after leaving your flat? Now you can easily check that and take full control over access to your home.

Stay up to date with notifications

Select the events you want to be informed about and keep in touch thanks to real-time notifications.


The GERDA SLR modular cylinder will ensure easy installation of your new lock.


The GERDA cylinder ensures the highest level of security, confirmed by Class 6 certification awarded by the Institute of Precision Mechanics. 

Open the door with a classic key

The cylinder comes with a code card and three keys, which will allow you to open the door in the traditional way.

Easy cylinder selection

We offer 4 cylinder types, which fit every lock type on the market, and you can easily choose the right one with our configuration wizard.


The set contains all parts you need to install the lock: USB charger, three emergency keys for the cylinder, micro USB charging cable with a magnetic adapter and the toolkit.

micro USB cable
USB charger

Built-in security functions



tedee lock detects if the mechanical lock was left in a semi-locked position and can finish the turn automatically. You may also want to keep it locked and it will do after a predefined time.


Strong cryptography

The communication with tedee lock is based on the latest TLS 1.3 protocol with a 256-bit security key. The only people who can access the lock are the ones of your choice.


Event log

The log privides you with detailed information about all events, like charging, locking and unlocking (both manually and using the app).

Simple installation

Install it yourself

Our seamless configuration wizard will help you select the right cylinder for your door, and our step-by-step video instructions will guide you through the installation process.

Use our installation service 

Order our set with installation service. Our expert will choose the right cylinder for you, install your new tedee lock in your door and set up your system for you.
Installation service available only in Poland.


Easy installation

  • The product is compatible with the euro-profile cylinder locks
  • The set contains all parts necesary for the lock installation
  • You can plug in the bridge to the power outlet using USB charger which is included

Control with your smartphone

  • Minimum hardware requirements: smartphones with Android 6.0 or iPhones with iOS 11.2

What's in the set?

  • tedee lock
  • tedee bridge (Bluetooth / Wi-Fi router) with a USB charger
  • universal GERDA SLR Modular cylinder, certified in class 6
  • micro USB charging cable with a magnetic adapter