tedee lock


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The tedee is a modern electronic lock installed on the inside of your door to your flat equipped with a standard European lock insert.

Ever left your place wondering if you locked the door? Standing at your front door with your hands full of groceries and no key? The tedee lock does away with these hassles: it locks automatically when you leave and unlocks automatically when you are back.

Are the kids home yet? Check the lock’s events log.

Do you have a friend coming for a weekend visit? No need to leave the keys with your neighbour. Use the tedee app to grant your friend access .

Letting the flat? Don’t waste your time and money commuting and waiting for the visitors with the keys. The tedee lock is a perfect solution for you!

The lock is equipped with a high quality long-lasting internal Lithium and polymer battery charged with a standard USB charger or a power bank. It runs for up to 6 months on a single charge.