tedee lock


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The tedee is a modern electronic lock which is to be installed inside your flat on the door equipped with a standard European lock insert.

How many times have you wondered “Did I lock the door” With many shopping bags in your hands, have you delved into your pocket or purse to get the key? The tedee lock will let you get rid of such problems… it will lock automatically when you leave and automatically unlock when your are back.

Is your child back home? Check it in the events diary.

A friend is coming for a weekend? No need to leave the keys with your neighbour – send the access via the app.

Letting the flat? Don’t waste your time and money commuting and waiting for the visitors with the keys. The tedee lock is a perfect solution for you!

The lock is equipped with a lithium and polymer accumulator which may be charged with a standard USB charger or with a power bank. Single-charge operational time is three to six months, on