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Euro set contains the smart locking mechanism, the euro adapter designed to fit tedee lock to an oval cylinder, and required accessories. You will also need to download the tedee App.

Smart tedee lock

The smallest, most resilient and smartest door lock powered by a battery that ensures continuous operation for up to 6 months. Thanks to our collaboration with GERDA engineers, you can enjoy the highest level of safety, comfort and control.

Control your lock using a smartphone or Apple Watch

Forget keys. Unlock and lock your door with a single tap on any smartphone.

Forget about touching the door handle with the automatic opening feature

The automatic door unlock and open feature will make your life easier. Your tedee lock will unlock the door automatically as soon as you approach the door.

Share digital keys with your loved ones, employees and tenants

Use the mobile app to share digital keys for your door lock with your loved ones, tenants or colleagues. No one will ever copy, lose or forget a key again!

Convenience and intuitive operation

The large button on the tedee lock enables its numerous features. Press it briefly to open or lock the door. Hold it down to lock the door with a delay. Quickly open and close the door without touching your smartphone.

Euro adapter

This adapter allows you to mount a tedee lock on an existing Euro profile cylinder without having to replace it.

Easy installation

For installation, all you need is the adapter and the existing door key, which, when cut in the right place, will serve as a connector between the existing cylinder and the tedee lock.

Keep your existing keys

Because there is no need to change out your lock cylinder, you can continue to use your existing traditional keys and master keys.


The package contains all parts you need to install the lock: micro USB charging cable with a magnetic adapter and the toolkit.

micro USB cable

Built-in security functions



The tedee lock detects if the mechanical lock was left in a semi-locked position and can finish the turn automatically. It can also lock your door automatically at a specific time.


Strong cryptography

The tedee lock uses the latest TLS 1.3 256-bit encryption standard for all communications. The only people who can access the lock are the ones you grant digital keys to.


Event log

The log gives you with detailed information on events, like charging, locking and unlocking (both manually and using the app).


Easy installation

  • The product is compatible with euro cylinder locks
  • The set contains all parts necessary for installation and operation of the tedee lock

Control with your smartphone

  • Minimum hardware requirements: smartphones with Android 6.0 or iPhones with iOS 12

What's in the set?

  • tedee lock
  • micro USB charging cable with a magnetic adapter
  • euro adapter