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Did you remember to take your wallet, phone, the keys? Get tedee lock and spare the keys!

Grant access to your family and friends

How many times did you ask yourself: “Have I locked the door?” Have you ever tried to reach the key from your pocket with hands full of shopping bags? Our lock will make these problems disappeare! It will lock the door behind you and unlock automatically when you get back home... hands free!
Have the kids got back home? Find it out in events log!
Expecting a friend for the weekend? No more problems with leaving the keys – grant access using tedee app.
Renting out your apartment? Don’t loose your time and money on driving with the keys and waiting for the guests to arrive. We've got the solution!
Follow the innovation and enjoy – get tedee set today!

Forget searching for the keys in your handbag

The app keeps checking if you’re coming home and unlocks the door when you get there. You don’t have to search for the keys or even take the phone out of your pocket. The door will be unlocked automatically. That’s it! Fast and safe.

Send invites, wherever you are

Do you rent out your apartment? Let us save your time and money! Share access, get notifications, check the status and control your lock remotely. We deliver the most innovative key management system. Get and install your tedee set. It's so simple!

tedee app

Download tedee app and enjoy your new lock!

  • Remote control

    Open and close the door with a smartphone, give access remotely and follow information about lock-related events!

  • Notifications

    Tedee app will inform you every time the door is opened and will notify you that it has been safely locked.

  • Auto-unlock

    Leave your phone in your pocket. You just need to approach the door as you return home, and the lock will open automatically!

  • Money savings

    You don’t have to buy or change batteries! The app will inform you when the lock battery needs to be recharged.

tedee set

tedee set

The complete tedee product package contains the smart locking mechanism, a certified Gerda lock cylinder for your existing lock, the Wi-Fi-enabled remote bridge and required accessories. You will also need to download the tedee App.

  • Smart Lock
  • Cylinder
  • Bridge
  • Accessories